Tkabber Pack 0.11.0

Tkabber-Pack is an "all-in-one" installer for Windows (2000 through Vista). You don't need anything besides it to run full-blown Tkabber.

Recommended download

Grab Tkabber-Pack 0.11.0, rev.6 for Windows (3.8 megabytes).

Note that Tkabber-Pack 0.11.0 consists of several free software packages distributed under various licenses and Tkabber-Pack itself is licensed under GNU GPL. Please consider these licenses if you intend to modify and/or redistribute this software. Full texts of all the relevant licenses will be available in the "doc\licenses" subdirectory of the installation folder after Tkabber-Pack is installed.

Please read the post-installation notes the installer will show you — this will prevent some of the problems you might encounter when making your first steps in Tkabber.


Tkabber-Pack 0.11.0 includes:

  • Tkabber 0.11.0;
  • Tcl/Tk runtime:
    • Tcl/Tk 8.5.2;
    • Tcllib 1.10;
    • BWidget 1.8;
  • Tcl/Tk extensions:
    • tls 1.6 (statically linked with OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007) — SSLv3/TLS support;
    • Img 1.3 — support for additional image formats such as PNG and JPEG;
    • Snack 2.2.10 — support for sound;
    • tclmore 0.71b1 and ztcl 1.0b4 (dynamically linked with zlib 1.2.3, included) — support for stream (traffic) compression;
    • udp 1.0.8 — support for UDP DNS queries;
    • Winico 0.6 — support for system notification area (tray) icon;
    • tclWinidle 0.2 — support for auto-away feature in Windows 9x series;
    • Trf 2.1 — fast implementation of several number-crunching algorithms such as base64 used for file transfer, etc.
    • Memchan 2.2.1 — support "in-memory I/O channels" used to read JISP archives with emoticons and pixmaps.
    • vfs 1.3 — support for "mounting" various resources as filesystems. Also used to work with JISP archives.

Usage notes

Standard external plugins

Starting from version 0.11.0 Tkabber Starpack contains all the standard external plugins pre-packaged, but none of them is activated by default (because they're plugins, after all).

To activate a plugin, you have to enable it. To do so activate the ServicesAdd/remove plugins main menu entry and you will be presented with the plugin manager.

Build Environment

Tkabber-Pack build environment is available here.

It contains all what's included in the Tkabber-Pack plus necessary files used to compile the installer using InnoSetup. Author uses ISTool to manage the setup script.

The development of the build environment framework is done here.


Tkabber-Pack 0.11.0 was created and is maintained by Konstantin Khomoutov. Artwork (images and icons) was created by Artem Bannikov.

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