Tkabber Starpack


Tkabber starpack is a standalone executable file that contains Tkabber, Tcl/Tk, packages required to run Tkabber and several Tcl/Tk extensions.
With this distribution you do not need to install anything on your computer to use Tkabber (so it's ideal for putting on USB sticks).
It's also really lightweight — about 5 megabytes of download.

Recommended download

Current version of Tkabber-Starpack is 0.11.1. It is the recommended download.

There's no 0.11.1 starpack for Linux prepared yet due to technical reasons. We will try to put it up, eventually.


At different times, Tkabber starpack was developed by David Zolli, Pat Thoyts, Badlop, Ruslan Rakhmanin and Konstantin Khomoutov (which is the current maintainer).

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