Off-the-Record Messaging

Is there any support for OTR in tkabber?

I would find it usefull.


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AFAIK, there's no an XMPP

AFAIK, there's no an XMPP extension which would define OTR over XMPP. So, any existing OTR implementation looks like a dirty hack to me. I wouldn't like to implement it in Tkabber in its current state.

Why does everything have to be an extension?

OTR is a separate protocol, not an XMPP extension, nor will it ever be, and yet dozens of clients have implemented it.

This sort of thing is not new, nor does it go against any kind of principle. IRC has incorporated plenty of other protocols that arose alongside the need for them, such as CTCP, DCC, and *cough* ident, and in each case, that's where they belong. XMPP itself does not need to know whether OTR is active or not (in fact, for security reasons, it's better if it doesn't), just like IRC doesn't care whether users communicate directly with each other or through the server. Best of all, OTR doesn't require an expensive SSL connection.

OK, </soapbox> :P

Hey! Tkabber in SVN got OTR

Hey! Tkabber in SVN got OTR plugin. You can try it out.

I can't believe it! Thx

After six years using the defacto standard pidgin.
I will give tkabber a second try.
We will see .. : )

regards jtf

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