Tkabber Pack 1.1.2

Tkabber-Pack is an "all-in-one" installer for Windows (2000 and up). You don't need anything besides it to run full-blown Tkabber.

Recommended download

Grab Tkabber-Pack 1.1.2 for Windows (6.7 megabytes).

Note that Tkabber-Pack 1.1.2 consists of several free software packages distributed under various licenses and Tkabber-Pack itself is licensed under GNU GPL. Please consider these licenses if you intend to modify and/or redistribute this software. Full texts of all the relevant licenses will be available in the "doc\licenses" subdirectory of the installation folder after Tkabber-Pack is installed.

Please read the post-installation notes the installer will show you — this will prevent some of the problems you might encounter when making your first steps in Tkabber.


Tkabber-Pack 1.1.2 includes:

  • Tkabber 1.1.2;
  • Tcl/Tk runtime:
    • Tcl/Tk 8.6.4;
    • Tcllib 1.16;
    • BWidget 1.9.7;
  • Tcl/Tk extensions:
    • tls 1.6.4 (statically linked with OpenSSL 1.0.1m 19-Mar-2015) — SSLv3/TLS support;
    • Img 1.4 — support for additional image formats such as PNG and JPEG;
    • Snack 2.2.10 — support for sound;
    • udp 1.0.8 — support for UDP DNS queries;
    • Winico 0.6 — support for system notification area (tray) icon;
    • Trf 2.1.4 — fast implementation of several number-crunching algorithms such as base64 used for file transfer, etc;
    • Memchan 2.3 — support "in-memory I/O channels" used to read JISP archives with emoticons and pixmaps;
    • vfs 1.4.2 — support for "mounting" various resources as filesystems. Also used to work with JISP archives.
    • windns 0.1 - experimental helper for using system name resolution servers
  • External non-Tcl libraries:
    • zlib1.dllzlib support for XMPP stream compression.

Usage notes

Standard external plugins

Starting from version 0.11.0 Tkabber pack contains all the standard external plugins pre-packaged, but none of them is activated by default (because they're plugins, after all).

To activate a plugin, you have to enable it. To do so activate the ServicesAdd/remove plugins main menu entry and you will be presented with the plugin manager.

Build Environment

Tkabber-Pack build environment is available here (76 kilobytes).

It contains all what's included in the Tkabber-Pack plus necessary files used to compile the installer using InnoSetup. Packager uses ISTool to manage the setup script.

The development of the build environment framework is done here.


Tkabber-Pack 1.1.2 was created and is maintained by Vitaly Takmazov (based on prior work by Konstantin Khomoutov). Artwork (images and icons) was created by Artem Bannikov.

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