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I wonder if tkabber is still (actively) developed? Last release was quite long time ago.

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Re: new release

It is developed, but not actively. Mostly due to very small developer base -- 2 active committers who have other things to do in their free time.

That said, Tkabber does move to its next release, though very slowly.

What changes will the new

What changes will the new version?

Re: What changes will the new

You can read the changelog starting from the entry containing "0.11.1 is released" (2008-10-17).

Thanks kostix! when it is

Thanks kostix!
when it is added XEP-0166?


I don't know. The development stalled, and the Jingle protocol suite does not appear to be of much interest to those who would be able to implement it in Tkabber because -- I suppose -- it does not implement anything which would be of dire need to Tkabber. To elaborate: Jingle is about session negotiation, and then some more protocols are defined which use that session negotiation. Of them, the only protocols of interest are those implementing file transfer, but Tkabber already supports a handful of FT protocols, which work. If you really meant voice/video protocols built on top of Jingle then I doubt they will ever be implemented in Tkabber because its developers perceive XMPP as an instant messaging protocols, that is, about text.

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