Tkabber dependencies availability

Tcl/Tk distributions

Any (sane) Unix system comes with Tcl and Tk already packaged, check your package manager. On Microsoft® Windows™ you have to install one of the Tcl/Tk distributions; we can recommend two of them:
An "industry standard" distribution with closed-source packaging (you're prohibited to redistribute the contents of the package or parts of it). Starting with Tcl version 8.5 this distribution seized to be "batteries-included" and it does not include any Tcl extensions. Instead, it includes a tool called teacup which can be used to install Tcl extensions packaged by ActiveState from their on-line repository (called "teapot").
Completely free "batteries-included" distribution. Very small and contains almost all Tcl extensions which Tkabber can make use of right after the installation (notable omission is tcludp).
Note that currently there's no freely available Tcl/Tk distribution for 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Windows™; if you really want one you can buy it from ActiveState.

Tcl extensions required/useful to run Tkabber

Program\System Debian
MS Windows
tutorial, comment
Tkabber V V V V install Tkabber
Tcl/Tk V V V V V install Tkabber
BWidget V V V V V install Tkabber
Tcllib V V V V V install Tkabber
Img V V V support for PNG, JPG images
Snack V V V V sound notifications
tkXwin teo V V included TclWinidle autoaway
tktheme V V V included Winico iconify
Tktray teo V (testing) iconify (Freedesktop)
OpenSSL V V V V V SSL and TLS encryption
TLS V V V V SSL and TLS encryption
GPG V V V V V GPG support
GPGme V V V V V GPG support
TclGPGme teo V x GPG support
stream compression
TCLmore teo bugzilla TCLmore
ZTCL teo bugzilla ZTCL
Ispell V V V V V spell check
Tkcon V V (testing) V V V Tk console
Xosd xosd-bin V x OSD support


V: The package is available for this system, or can be successfully compiled without problems. Sometimes there's a link to the exact download location.

x: The package is not available for this system, and cannot be succesfully compiled.

blank: We have no info about its availability.

teo: the package is available in Sergei Golovan's Debian repository.

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could someone explain the symbols?

V= ??
x = ??




tls is in debian : apt-get in

tls is in debian : apt-get install tcltls
xosd also : apt-get install xosd-bin

more macos x support

1. tclsasl is supported
2. autoaway is supported (no extension needed!)
3. in terms of iconify functionality, the tclCarbonNotification extension comes with tkabber


Sorry missed this one.. BTW.. any place for MDK rpm storage? I just keep updating the docs on here..

TKabber: V (based upon the instructions listed on this site.)

BWidget: V

tkXwin: V
tktheme: V

OpenSSL: V (don't know if it works with tkabber.. pending)
TLS: ? (see above)
GPGme: V
Cyrus SASL: x
TclSASL: x

Ispell: V
Tkcon: V

In this table we list what

In this table we list what packages are available for easy install on different systems. Those that are available in the OS official repository or are easy to compile (using our tutorials) are listed with V. Those that are built by unofficial people are marked as V and we put a link to the file download. Those that cannot be compiled are marked with x.

-- any place for MDK rpm storage?

What do you mean? Are you asking for website space to upload contributed .rpm packages, or are you asking to update the table? I've updated the table with your information. If you find any error, add another comment. Thanks.

Yes some place to upload cont

Yes some place to upload contributed .rpm packages... I have passed it out to a few people running MDK and run it on several systems.

I'll also go look at maybe getting MDK to host it.. since it is for their distro.


hosting rpm in tkabber website

The system administrator says that we can host it here. Tell me where can I find them to upload to the server, or contact me directly at

Gentoo packages availibility update

bwidget V
tcllib V

snack V
tkXwin V
tkTheme V
tktray V (testing)

openssl V
tls V
gpg V
gpgme V

ispell V
tkcon V (testing)
xosd V

See also: or .

Re: Gentoo packages availibility update

Thanks, I've updated the table with your information.

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