Tkabber 0.11.1

New Tkabber 0.11.1 is released. It's a bugfix release, so it doesn't include many new features:

Release highlights:

  • New default sound theme by Serge Yudin
  • Added new plugins: quotelastmsg, singularity, stripes
  • Many fixes and enhancements

Download Tkabber 0.11.1 (md5) and Tkabber plugins 0.11.1 (md5).

Windows users might consider installing a ready to work all-in-one package—Tkabber-Pack 0.11.1.

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new release?

Any new release on horizont?

Re: new release?

Well, there's no intention to make the new release right now.

To be more precise, this question is not decided. Some people think switching to the new xmpp library introduced regression with regard to working on crappy links (network disconnects can provoke cryptic errors etc), but no one has time to work on these issues right now.

Uhm, long time and no release

Uhm, long time and no release :-/

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