Tkabber 0.10.1-beta2 - final testing and call to translators

I'm pleased to announce the second beta release of Tkabber 0.10.1.

There aren't new features in this beta since the previous one. The changes are only bugfixes. Hopefully, this is the last beta release before the final stable 0.10.1.

Now is the right time to update the translations. If you want to collaborate updating a current translation, or translating to a new language, but you don't know how to do it, add a comment here and I'll help you to get started.

Download Tkabber 0.10.1-beta2 (md5) and Tkabber plugins 0.10.1-beta2 (md5).

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Czech translation

I like Tkabber a lot and I wonder if there is any Czech translation ready. If not, I can do it. I don't know how to create the translation so I'd appreciate if you could help me.

Re: Czech translation

No, there's no Czech translation yet.

To create it, please read this guide.

Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation?

What is exactly your

What is exactly your question? I update the spanish translation before every new release.

German and Spanish

I can assist you in spanish. Also, if you need it translated into German, I will take a crack at it.


Chinese Translation

Can you do a chinese translation for me if not do you know someone who can?

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