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If you know Tcl/tk and made some code modifications, you may want to contribute them to the project. There is also plugin capability. Just comment your patch diff so others can test it.

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Preferred way

It would be nice to mention what is the preferred way to send contributions. E-mail the patches to [some] mailing list or [some_other] forum or [xy] jabber room?

Re: Preferred way (to send patches)

Just send them to the maintainer: sgolovan at or sgolovan at

Another way is to submit them into bugzilla.

Possibly even more "correct" way is to join room and ask there about the changes you intend to make. The reason is that unless the patch just non-intrusively fixes some bug maintainer may raise certain objections regarding the patch: not all functionality is welcomed in the core and may be you will be suggested to implement what you want in the form of a plugin or so. Also it may turn out that someone already implemented what you want or is working on it.

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