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The official Documentation is in english. It would be nice to have it translated to other languages, at least the first chapters (features, installation...). If you understand english and also speak another language, you may want to contribute translating some parts of the documentation. Add a comment here indicating your interest and the required instructions will be sended.

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Documentacion Portuguese (Brazil)

Please, if possible translater for Portuguese (Brazil) the Documentation


Documentacion Portuguese

Me parece que tienes ciertos conocimientos del ingles... deberias tu traducir la documentacion al portugues, no te parece?

if do you know english than you translate the documentation, or?

wenn du gut auf englisch schreiben kannst, denn muesstest du auf portuguiesisch die information uebersetzen.


I get "You are not authorized

I get "You are not authorized to access this page." when trying to access

It was an incorrect link. The

It was an incorrect link. The correct one is . I'll update it now, thanks.

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