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Фильтрование сообщений

Периодически огребаю от гейта jit мессаги вида:

[08:33] Sending message failed.

На гейт на сервере я повлиять не могу, поэтому вопрос такой: как сделать фильтр, который бы такие мессаги блокировал? Т.е. куда и какой код впихнуть ))

Bug-380 - has a fix been released yet?

Hope someone can help.

This is just a query about Bug-380 for tkabber (XEP-0115 v1.5: Verification string wrongly hashed)

I wanted to know if the fix for this is supposed to have been rolled into any release of tkabber yet?

I'm running the Windows installer version of tkabber 0.11.1 and it's behaviour appears to indicate that the bug-fix has not been been incorporated yet.

Our jabber server (Jabber XCP5.4) is reporting a hash value mismatch for the provided 'ver' value against the calculated one.


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