Bug-380 - has a fix been released yet?

Hope someone can help.

This is just a query about Bug-380 for tkabber (XEP-0115 v1.5: Verification string wrongly hashed)

I wanted to know if the fix for this is supposed to have been rolled into any release of tkabber yet?

I'm running the Windows installer version of tkabber 0.11.1 and it's behaviour appears to indicate that the bug-fix has not been been incorporated yet.

Our jabber server (Jabber XCP5.4) is reporting a hash value mismatch for the provided 'ver' value against the calculated one.


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In the ChangeLog I see the

In the ChangeLog I see the fix was included:


2008-05-15  Sergei Golovan  

	* plugins/general/caps.tcl: Fixed bug with incorrectly calculated hash
	  string if extra info have spaces in field values (closes:

In my copy of 0.11.1 (from

In my copy of 0.11.1 (from the windows installer) the source for plugins/general/caps.tcl doesn't seem to include the fix for 380:

C:\Program Files\Tkabber\Tkabber\plugins\general\caps.tcl

lines 75 to 77 still look like this:

set binstr [join [concat [lsort -ascii $binidentities] \
[lsort -ascii $binfeatures] \
$binextra1] "<"]

Rather than this:

set binstr [join [concat [lsort -ascii $binidentities] \
[lsort -ascii $binfeatures] \
[list $binextra1]] "<"]

The second variant is

The second variant is incorrect, the first one is correct (or at least should be correct).

Is there any way to get some

Is there any way to get some debug output from Jabber XCP? And at least could you insert

puts $binstr

right before the lines

    switch -- $hash {
	md5 {
	    if {[catch {::md5::md5 -hex $binstr} hex]} {

in procedure caps::hash in plugins/general/caps.tcl and show me the output?

Here is the output from the

Here is the output from the tkabber console for $binstr


Here are the relevant debug log lines from our Jabber XCP server:

20090227T12:24:18 [debug] src/components/jabber2/jsm/modules/mod_caps.cpp:616: Received caps reponse to query: urn:xmpp:dataforms:softwareinfoTkabber0.11.1 (Tcl/Tk 8.5.5 (pack rev.1))WindowsXP
20090227T12:24:18 [debug] src/components/jabber2/jsm/modules/mod_caps.cpp:427: Beginning sum construction
20090227T12:24:18 [debug] src/components/jabber2/jsm/modules/mod_caps.cpp:478: Constructed sum: rtxqRaAKmoI739SoRrPcM18rnXg=
20090227T12:24:18 [debug] src/components/jabber2/jsm/modules/mod_caps.cpp:663: Attempting to match sums: provided (pDMaKdRVJHAWToEpdpEh7qX/1Ho=), calculated (rtxqRaAKmoI739SoRrPcM18rnXg=), packet: urn:xmpp:dataforms:softwareinfoTkabber0.11.1 (Tcl/Tk 8.5.5 (pack rev.1))WindowsXP
20090227T12:24:18 [error] src/components/jabber2/jsm/modules/mod_caps.cpp:715: Non-matching sums provided, this user (steve@imcc.bt.co.uk/tkabber) is considered to have sent poisoned caps

Regards, Steve

The output seems to have been

The output seems to have been truncated by the forum. Can I email the data?

Yes, you can email me the

Yes, you can email me the data. My email address may be found in my vCard (which can be obtained in tkabber@conference.jabber.ru for instance).

It appeared to be a bug in

It appeared to be a bug in Tkabber (but not 380). It duplicated one feature in features list, which is forbidden by XEP-0115. The bug is already fixed in SVN.

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