Global Hotkeys on Windows

This little tutorial explains how to set up global hotkeys for Tkabber on Microsoft Windows.

  1. Install Winutils

    Donwload the Winutils library and unpack it on your Tkabber directory under "/tkabber/winutil/".

  2. Configure Tkabber

    Add those lines to your config.tcl file:

    if {[file exists $rootdir/winutil/winutils.tcl]} {
      # This will load the neccessary dll on start up
      source $rootdir/winutil/winutils.tcl

  3. Setup your hotkeys

    Now you can setup your prefered hot keys. For example, add those lines inside a hook::add finload_hook section in your config.tcl file:

    hook::add finload_hook {
      winutils::hotkey #auto Ctrl+Shift+I {
        switch -- [wm state .] {
          normal  { wm state . iconic }
          default { wm state . normal }
    Save the file and restart Tkabber. If everything went ok, you can show/hide the main Tkabber window pressing CTRL-SHIFT-I (my preferable hotkey in miranda ;)

Author: lKnight,

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