Version Control: Fossil

There is a Fossil repository for Tkabber's development source code on hosting. Tkabber development code was initially hosted on JabberStudio's CVS, then on 16th August, 2006, it migrated to's SVN, and finally on 22th March, 2015 it migrated to Fossil.

These commands download Tkabber to a directory called tkabber:

fossil clone tkabber.fossil
fossil clone tclxmpp.fossil
mkdir tkabber
cd tkabber
fossil open ../tkabber.fossil
mkdir tclxmpp
cd tclxmpp
fossil open --nested ../../tclxmpp.fossil

As you can see, Tkabber and TclXMPP library are maintained in two separate repositories. This means that you'll have to update them in two steps as well.

Additionally, you can download tkabber-plugins to the directory tkabber-plugins with this command:

fossil clone tkabber-plugins.fossil
mkdir tkabber-plugins
cd tkabber-plugins
fossil open ../tkabber-plugins.fossil

For more information about the installation process, check the tutorial Installing Tkabber and dependencies.

There is also a Fossil repository for Tkabber's contributed development source code in a separate repository on tkabber-contrib. These commands download third party code to a directory called tkabber-contrib:

fossil clone tkabber-contrib.fossil
mkdir tkabber-contrib
cd tkabber-contrib
fossil open ../tkabber-contrib.fossil
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