Tkabber is a Free and Open Source client for the Jabber instant messaging system. It's writen in Tcl/Tk, and works on many platforms (tested on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, MacOS X and Windows 98/2000/XP).

Official Documentation: Features | Requirements | Configuration | Getting help

New Tkabber function: file transfer

One of the more demanded Jabber features for the last years has been file transfer. The set of required JEPs has taken a lot of time to be written, a lot of discussions and a lot of hard work from their writers and contributors, but they were finally approved by the Jabber Software Foundation Council around October 2003.

New Tkabber translation: l33t

Celebrating Tkabber second year of life comes the crazy translation to a new emerging language. Nobody really writes in it, nobody wants to read text written in it, but here comes anyway: Tkabber in leet.

New colour theme: Ocean Deep

Here is a new colour theme for Tkabber, based on a gVim colour scheme that I found in Cream.

Happy birthday, Tkabber!

Tkabber turns 2 years old on 3 july 2004. It seems that exactly two years ago the first version was uploaded to CVS. Probably it was in gestation some month, since Tkabber on july 2002 was pretty complete.

New clients come to life, other clients go to Jabber heaven and some of them even reincarnate. The list of Jabber clients grows every time you check it, but not much of them are Free Software, so it's important for Jabber to keep a base of free clients that protect people freedom.

And now if you ask yourself, what will Tkabber add this third year? Well, you can decide with your contributions.

Happy birthday, Tkabber!

Tkabber RPMs update

- fixed wrong installed files attributes (a shame on me)
- new cvs snapshot
Download tkabber-0.9.7-20040615

Tkabber CVS snapshot rpms (yeah, that's my first post!)

Download Tkabber 0.9.7 snapshot 20040512

It requires BWidget, which rpm I found only in SuSE (and the outdated one), so I made it, too.
Download BWidget 1.7.0

Any comments are welcome.

Site updated to Drupal 4.4.0

As you may know, this website uses Drupal, a powerful and modular GPL licensed Content Management System. We have updated from Drupal 4.3.0 to Drupal 4.4.0.

The most important feature available since now on this site is the Drupal interface multilanguage support. Now the site is in english, russian and spanish, but more languages can be added easily if a translation file has been done before. Check the localization table and contact me if you are interested in adding an existing language to this site or in translating to a new one.

NO Software Patents in Europe

NO Software Patents in Europe

10 days of web strike Vs 20 years of patent nightmare

Tkabber Starkit

Authetication with SASL

Here we will see how to install TclSASL to be able to authenticate using SASL on the server.

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