Tkabber Starpack 0.11.0

This is Tkabber Starpack 0.11.0 — a standalone executable combining Tkabber, Tcl/Tk and necessary extensions in one ready to run package.

Currently only version for Windows (2000 through Vista) is available — grab Tkabber Starpack 0.11.0 (revision 6) — about 5.5 megabytes of download.


Tkabber Starpack 0.11.0 includes:

  • Tkabber 0.11.0;
  • Tcl/Tk runtime (all platforms):
    • Tcl/Tk 8.5.2;
    • Tcllib 1.10;
    • BWidget 1.8;
  • Tcl/Tk extensions:
    • tls 1.6 (statically linked with OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007) — SSLv3/TLS support;
    • Img 1.3 — support for additional image formats such as PNG and JPEG;
    • Snack 2.2.10 — support for sound;
    • udp 1.0.8 — support for UDP DNS queries;
    • Trf 2.1 — fast implementation of several number-crunching algorithms such as base64 used for file transfer, etc.
    • Memchan 2.2.1 — support "in-memory I/O channels" used to read JISP archives with emoticons and pixmaps.
    • vfs 1.3 — support for "mounting" various resources as filesystems. Also used to work with JISP archives.
  • Windows-specific Tcl/Tk extensions
    • Winico 0.6 — support for system notification area (tray) icon;
    • tclWinidle 0.2 — support for auto-away feature in Windows 9x series;

This package also has several post-0.11.0 patches applied fixing certain bugs not spotted during the testing phase.

Usage notes

Standard external plugins

Starting from this version Tkabber Starpack contains all the standard external plugins pre-packaged, but none of them is activated by default (because they're plugins, after all).

To activate a plugin, you have to enable it. To do so activate the ServicesAdd/remove plugins main menu entry and you will be presented with the plugin manager.

Stream compression

Due to various technical reasons Tkabber Starpack doesn't support stream compression. If you need it consider using Tkabber Pack instead.

Build Environment

Tkabber Starpack build environment is available here.


Tkabber Starpack 0.11.0 was created and is maintained by Konstantin Khomoutov.

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Ну а скачать-то как?

Ссылки где? куда дели? верните :)

Re: Ну а скачать-то как?

Пока доступен только Tkabber-Pack. Первая версия старпака будет выложена в ближайшее время. Как только, так сразу, короче; работы ведутся.

Re: Ну а скачать-то как?

Выложен старпак 0.11.0 для Windows.

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