Tkabber is a Free and Open Source client for the Jabber instant messaging system. It's writen in Tcl/Tk, and works on many platforms (tested on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, MacOS X and Windows 98/2000/XP).

Official Documentation: Features | Requirements | Configuration | Getting help

Tkabber 1.1.1

New Tkabber 1.1.1 is released.

It's a bugfix release with the following main changes:

  • Fixed a few bugs in passing URL to web browsers
  • Fixed a regression when message intended to be GPG-encrypted is sent plaintext
  • Fixed a few crashes in OTR plugin
  • A few other fixes and enhancements
  • This is the last release which supports Tcl/Tk 8.4 (with the exceptions of the OTR and Poker plugins)

Download Tkabber 1.1.1 (sha256) and Tkabber plugins 1.1.1 (sha256).

New Tkabber pack 1.1.1 for Windows users will be released later.

Version Control: Fossil

There is a Fossil repository for Tkabber's development source code on hosting. Tkabber development code was initially hosted on JabberStudio's CVS, then on 16th August, 2006, it migrated to's SVN, and finally on 22th March, 2015 it migrated to Fossil.

These commands download Tkabber to a directory called tkabber:

fossil clone tkabber.fossil
fossil clone tclxmpp.fossil
mkdir tkabber
cd tkabber
fossil open ../tkabber.fossil
mkdir tclxmpp
cd tclxmpp
fossil open --nested ../../tclxmpp.fossil

Tkabber-Pack 1.1-2 fixes critical security vulnerability in OpenSSL

Security advisory!

Users of any release of Tkabber pack earlier than 1.1-2 are strongly advised to upgrade to the current release as it contains a fixed version of the OpenSSL library which is immune to a critical security vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160, dubbed "Heartbleed").

More information on the vulnerability:

Tkabber 1.1

New Tkabber 1.1 is released.

Release highlights:

  • Added new Off-the-record messaging plugin (see OTR home for the protocol details, requires Tcl/Tk 8.5 to operate)
  • Roster versioning (XEP-0237 and RFC-6121)
  • Added new Battleship game plugin
  • A few fixes and enhancements

Download Tkabber 1.1 (sha256) and Tkabber plugins 1.1 (sha256).

Windows users might consider installing a ready to work all-in-one package—Tkabber-Pack 1.1.

Tkabber 1.0

New Tkabber 1.0 is released.

Release highlights:

  • Completely rewritten Tkabber internals
  • Dropped Tcl/Tk 8.3 support. Now Tcl/Tk 8.4 is required
  • Partial IPv6 support (requires Tcl/Tk 8.6)
  • Switched from TclGPGME to TclGPG for encryption and signing
  • Added new connection method BOSH (XEP-0124 and XEP-0206)
  • Disabled SSLv2 and enabled TLSv1 TLS options
  • Added user nicknames (XEP-0172) support.
  • Updated the CAPTCHA forms (XEP-0158) support
  • Added metacontacts (XEP-0209) support
  • Implemented multiple proxy profiles
  • Implemented remote controlling from a locally executed script
  • Added new plugins: floatingcontact, poker
  • Rewritten most plugins to support disabling and unloading on the fly
  • A few interface enhancements (search in MUC affiliations lists, proxy management)
  • Many fixes and enhancements

Download Tkabber 1.0 (sha256) and Tkabber plugins 1.0 (sha256).

Windows users might consider installing a ready to work all-in-one package—Tkabber-Pack 1.0.

Web site downtime since Friday 30 October 6.00 UTC

This web site will be unavailable during the morning of Friday 30 October, since 6.00 UTC (9.00 Moscow Time). It is expected that the migration will take at least 6 hours, so be patient ;)

Other services affected will be the mailing list, the chatroom and Bugzilla.

The reason is that the hosting of this website and many other ones, Jabber.Ru, will migrate to a new machine.

See you at the come back!

Tkabber 0.11.1

New Tkabber 0.11.1 is released. It's a bugfix release, so it doesn't include many new features:

Release highlights:

  • New default sound theme by Serge Yudin
  • Added new plugins: quotelastmsg, singularity, stripes
  • Many fixes and enhancements

Download Tkabber 0.11.1 (md5) and Tkabber plugins 0.11.1 (md5).

Windows users might consider installing a ready to work all-in-one package—Tkabber-Pack 0.11.1.

Updated Drupal; fixing problems

This website has been updated to the latest version of Drupal.

There are a few known problems that will be solved in the next days, you can check them in this newspost

If you experience any other problem using this website, please add a comment here. If you can't add a comment, you can join the chatroom and contact me.

Tkabber 0.11.0

Tkabber 0.11.0 has been released.

Release highlights:

  • New tabbed user interface. Tab headers now occupy several rows and tab bar can be docked to the left and right sides of chat window
  • Roster filter
  • Added support for pixmaps (in particular emoticons) JISP archives (XEP-0038)
  • Added support for SOCKS4a and SOCKS5 proxy for the main connection
  • Added user location support (XEP-0080)
  • Added user mood support (XEP-0107)
  • Added user activity support (XEP-0108)
  • Added user tune support (XEP-0118)
  • Added entity capabilities (XEP-0115 v.1.5, only reporting) support
  • Added basic robot challenges support (XEP-0158)
  • Roster is now exported to XML instead of Tcl list
  • Added support for entity time (XEP-0202)
  • Tkabber version is now reported in disco#info (XEP-0232)
  • Moved deprecated Jabber Browser (XEP-0011) to an external plugin
  • Moved Jidlink file transfer to an external plugin
  • Added several new plugins: attline, ctcomp, custom-urls, floatinglog, gmail, openurl, presencecmd, receipts and unixkeys
  • Many fixes and enhancements

Download Tkabber 0.11.0 (md5) and Tkabber plugins 0.11.0 (md5).

Call to translators for Tkabber 0.11.0

A new release of Tkabber will be released in early Juny: Tkabber 0.11.0.

You may notice that several months ago there was Tkabber 0.10.1 beta1 and beta2. It was never released, so this new release will include a lot of accumulated features.

Tkabber is localized to 14 languages. Those are the languages that currently are looking for translator. The number indicates approximately how many strings are not yet translated.

Catalan: 849
Esperanto: 1233
Basque: 1146
French: 1151
Italian: 640
Dutch: 687
Portuguese: 950
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