Tkabber Starkit

Tkabber Starkit is available from

This customized version is based on 0.9.7 with new features (gtklook.tcl, some bugs removed by David Zolli, Steve Redler and Pat Thoyst, custom sounds, pixmaps and icons to match wiki chat needs, etc..). It also can source glob matching tls*.kit and/or snack*.kit<code/> starkits from launch dir or <code>~/.tkabber if available. See to get wanted packages.

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Starkit, quite interesting

It's really interesting this Starkit thing for Tcl/Tk. Now to test Tkabber you just need:

  1. Download Tclkit according to your operating system
  2. Download the Tkabber Starkit
  3. Execute the Starkit using the Tclkit:
    $ tclkit-linux-x86.upx.bin tkabber.0.9.7Starkit.kit

The Tkabber Starkit also includes patches not available on the official CVS. All of the changes I've seen are quite interesting, let's hope they are included eventually on Tkabber. The additions I've seen:

  • new pixmaps theme
  • new sound theme
  • embedded Tcl console
  • Kroc: SSL notification icon on the right bottom corner instead of text
  • Kroc: mute sound icon on right bottom corner
  • Pat: font selector
  • Pat: chat users colors selectors
  • Pat: show/hide presence bar

new pixmaps theme - already

  • new pixmaps theme - already in cvs
  • embedded Tcl console - already in cvs
  • SSL notification icon on the right bottom corner instead of text - as for me, text is better than icon
  • font selector - the problem is that Tcl/Tk named font handling routines are not sufficiently flexible in unix/x11. For example, you can't specify font encoding (Tk chooses iso8859-1 if available, which is not desirable). Users of the other systems can find font selector in Customize->Main Interface->::ifacetk::options(font).
  • chat users colors selectors - already in cvs
  • show/hide presence bar - already in cvs
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