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I just want to know why tkabber complains at the ssl login:

it says: unable to get local issuer certificate
certificate not trusted
unable to verifiate the first certificate

what is going wrong? what can i do to enable ssl

My jabber server is


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Self signed SSL certificate

It's a known issue of Jabber servers, known as the 'Self signed certificate' warning. It's not an error, but a warning: the SSL certificate has been signed by the own Jabber server admin, so it is not validated by a trusted institution (Verisign or other). It's really common for Jabber server admins to sign their certificate, as getting a trusted institution to make it is really expensive.

When this happens, Tkabber will ask you if continue or not. If you select to continue, you will be using SSL, but you know it's not a certificate validated from a third person. It's not a problem, since you trust anyway on your Jabber server admin when you use its server.

If you are using SSL, the roster window will show 'SSL' with red letters on the bottom right. If not using it, the letters will be grey (check the screenshots on this site). You can also check what port you are connected to. Normal connections use server port 5222, and SSL ones use 5223.

This message should appear everytime you login on the server with SSL. You can disable this warning (this is what all Jabber clients do, not only Tkabber) setting an option on your personal Tkabber config.tcl:

set ::tls_warnings 0

If the file does not exist on $HOME/.tkabber, create an empty one and copy the option.

I was sing my server certificate on How I can import server root certificate ( to tkabber, so that can believe certificate is valid and signed by CA?

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