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I have been working for a while on an experimental Jabber gaming client for playing turn-based games with a 3d interface... as the first module i chosed was chess, and i have come to the point where i should start working on the protocol soon (the basic GUI, xmpp support and handshaking is done; the 3d interface is next to be completed), i'm indecise on whether or not i should make it compatible with tkabber's custom chess protocol.

By one side, i think it would be nice to try to gain some compatibility between apps; by the other side, i'm not sure if i should renounce to some of the ideas i wanted to implement, or if i would extend the protocols with some optional characteristics. I have changed my mind about this a number of times, but now i feel it's about time to take an option and go with it...

So, with this confusion in mind, i would like to hear the opinion of the tkabber staff... is such "protocol copy" encouraged/discouraged? is there interest on converting such custom protocols in a sort of reference standard?


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Board game protocols

Tkabber implements its own protocols for its board games and thus it is not compatible with other implementations.

But there appears to be an attempt for creating XEP for this, so you can contact those guys and offer your ideas.

Ooops, i had missed your

Ooops, i had missed your answer. Thanks a lot. :)

I finally implemented a protocol similar to what is done in tkabber. Sadly, i have discontinued the project, as i saw about zero interest on this after releasing the first version. In case anyone want to take a look at how it worked, however, here you have the sources:

And here you have some images:;



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