Tkabber 0.10.0-beta2

I'm pleased to announce a second beta release of Tkabber and Tkabber plugins (0.10.0-beta2).

The goal of this release:

  • Testing Tkabber before making final 0.10.0 available (I expect it to be released in the next few weeks)

Some new features with respect to the previous beta are:

  • Added possibility to accept messages from roster only ("Accept messages from roster users only" checkbutton in menu)
  • Added plugin, which allows to abbreviate words and phrases in chat windows (/abbrev, /unabberv, /listabbrevs commands)
  • Added chats history tool. It's a plugin, which allows to browse all chatlogs ("Chats history" menu item)
  • Animated emoticons work again and are moved to an external plugin.
  • German translation became almost the most complete one
  • Many bugfixes

The new release is available at the download page.

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Where can I download Win32

Where can I download Win32 binaries of Tkabber 0.10.0-beta2?
I wanna test new features, or may be even find a bugs :) But I have no compiler to make binaries by myself :(.
If anyone can, please send me Win32 binaries of new tkabber to Tnx.

Some explanations

1) You can't. Tkabber is written in an interpreted language and thus hasn't the concept of "binary executable". Those executables (called "starpacks") are custom-built thingies which relate to Tkabber like Gentoo relates to the Linux kernel.
Since you're probably speak Russian, I can suggest studying the Tkabber wiki: (mainly its "Дистрибутивы, которые мы выбираем" article) to get some background information about the various flavors of Tkabber packages available on the net.

2) Ruslan Rakhmanin created "Tkabber Windows starpack tool" which requires nothing besides the recent Tkabber code (0.10.0-beta* fits just OK) to build the win32 starpack. Read more in the article on the same wiki.

3) 0.10.0 is almost out-of-the-door now, so may be it's better to wait 2-3 days and download an official starpack when it will be made available.

Check Tkabber 0.10.0 final

Tkabber 0.10.0 was finally released. You can download Tkabber Starpack for Windows.

You can report bugs on the general forum, for example. I hope there aren't bugs, of course :)


Большое спасибо за ответы. Ткабер был и остается моим любимым jabber-клиентом, надеюсь на его дальнейшее развитие :)


прошу еще глянуть вот в эту ветку: может чего присоветуете :)

Where can I download Win32

Where can I download Win32 lower binaries of Tkabber

Please be more clear

Sorry, I can't understand what does "lower binaries" stand for.

If you mean "lower versions", then they're available on this very site but beware that a) it has almost no sense since Tkabber is quite good at maintaining backwards compatibility b) versions <= 0.9.8 contained a bug that prevents proper usage of MUC with recent versions of Ejabberd.

If you mean "lower size", then it heavily depends on your setup. Starpacks and Tkabber-packs are pretty slim (under 4 megabytes).

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