startup size and roaster division location


every time i start i have to resize tkabber and place (open more) the roaster vertical division in the right place, to allow seeing those bigger names...

is any way to force any of this? specially the location of roaster division, as i find it very anoying



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Use "mainRosterWidth" Tk option on the root window

Put this line in your config.tcl:

option add *mainRosterWidth WIDTH

to set the width of the main roster window to WIDTH pixels.

This line must not be placed in the finload_hook -- it's OK for it to be either at the top level or in the postload_hook handler.

You can use [winfo pixels] command to use more human-friendly measures of width, for example this line will make the main roster to be 5 centimeters wide:

option add *mainRosterWidth [winfo pixels . 5c]

If you use Tkabber under X, you can instead put

option add Tkabber*mainRosterWidth WIDTH

in your ~/.Xdefaults or ~/.Xresources or whatever file gets sourced by xrdb on your system. Of course, no Tcl's tricks like [winfo] can be used there.

thanks, your tip works

thanks, your tip works great.

and because of your tip, i found several more examples in tkabber/examples/xrdb/* files

again, thanks for the help and for tkabber :)


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