Whiteboard plugin for TKabber 0.9.8 version

I have downloaded whiteboard plugin from cvs. It is not working with TKabber 0.9.8. Why?

File versions:
# $Id: plugins.tcl,v 1.8 2005/03/03 01:55:50 aleksey Exp $
# $Id: tkabber.tcl,v 1.232 2005/07/31 21:09:36 aleksey Exp $
# $Id: hooks.tcl,v 1.7 2004/09/17 20:30:19 aleksey Exp $
# $Id: whiteboard.tcl,v 1.11 2006/01/20 03:08:56 aleksey Exp $
svgrender.tcl file version is 1.3

Please help me.

Md. Enamul Huque

exe version of tkabber 0.9.7

Where i can download an .exe of a 0.9.7 tkabber version?

Plugins from CVS work with

Plugins from CVS work with Tkabber from CVS. If you want plugin for Tkabber 0.9.8 get it from the download page.

Tkabber 0.9.8 plugins

Thanks for your reply. As per your suggestion, I have downloaded source and plugins from http://tkabber.jabber.ru/node/235.
I unpacked source files to "G:\Bappy\Jobs\tkabber\tkabber-0.9.8" and then put plugins to "G:\Bappy\Jobs\tkabber\tkabber-0.9.8\plugins" folder i.e. whiteboard plugin was placed in "G:\Bappy\Jobs\tkabber\tkabber-0.9.8\plugins\whiteboard" folder.
I am using Windows 2000 professional and i have Active TCL installed, so i don't need to compile anything. Just double clicking on tkabber.tcl lunches the program.
Everything is working fine but none of the plugin works. I have also downloaded star pack for windows from the same page mentioned previously. It works fine with all plugins.

1) Am I placing the plugins in wrong folder?
2) Is there any other requirement other than Active TCL?

Pls. help me.

Md. Enamul Huque

Pluging have to be put into

Pluging have to be put into .tkabber/plugins subdirectory of your home directory.

If you don't know where home directory is (which is typical for Windows user), start tclsh and run the following command

file normalize ~

Home directory in Windows

Thanks a lot. It is now working. It should be documented clearly which is Home directory in case of windows user, because windows doesn't use a concept of Home directory. So windows users should not know this.
In my case Home directory is "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator" i.e. on WinXP or 2000 it is normally "C:\Documents and Settings\username", if C: is windows installation drive.

Thanks a lot again. I had to spent a lot of time for this silly mistake.

Md. Enamul Huque

Home directory in Windows

Those who faced the same problem like me regarding Home directory may find following link useful:

~Md. Enamul Huque

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