Logging into Google Talk

Hi all.

Has anyone been able to log into Google talk using tkabber. I have tried various configurations but I have not been able to connect. I think that with all the information tkabber gives it could be interesting.

Thanks in advance.

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Example config using SSL

I can login successfully using Tkabber 0.9.8 with SSL support and this configuration:

  • Account
    • Username: your username. for example, my account is badlop@gmail.com so I put: badlop
    • Server: gmail.com
    • Password: YOUR-PASSWORD
    • Use hashed password: no
    • Resource: not important, example: home/tkabber
    • Priority: not important, example: 3
  • Connection:
    • Server Port: 5222
    • Connect via alternate server: yes
    • Server: talk.google.com
    • Replace opened connections: not important
  • SSL
    • Use legacy SSL: yes
    • SSL Port: 5223
    • SSL Certificate:
  • Proxy: no
  • HTTP Poll: no
  • SASL: no

If you prefer editing your config.tcl, here are the options I have:

    set ::loginconf2(user)         badlop
    set ::loginconf2(server)       gmail.com
    set ::loginconf2(password)     "MYPASSWORD"
    set ::loginconf2(usedigest)    0
    set ::loginconf2(usealtserver) 1
    set ::loginconf2(altserver)    talk.google.com
    set ::loginconf2(usessl)       1
    set ::loginconf2(usesasl)      0
    set ::loginconf2(allowsaslplain) 1
and then, on the login window, press Ctrl+2.

I've been told that it's possible to login using STARTTLS + plain SASL, but I couldn't.

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