Virus Alert

McAfee Virus Scan 8i with the Adware plugin is detecting run.exe as a "Potentially Unwanted Program"
Log File below!

24/03/2005 17:00:14 Engine version = 4.4.00
24/03/2005 17:00:14 DAT version = 4453
24/03/2005 17:00:14 Number of virus signatures in EXTRA.DAT = None
24/03/2005 17:00:14 Names of viruses that EXTRA.DAT can detect = None
24/03/2005 23:33:04 Deleted WOLF\Administrator Tkabber-Pack-0. C:\Program Files\Tkabber\run.exe HiddenRun (Potentially Unwanted Program)

1. Should I be worried?
2. Should I just disable this in the dat file?

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More info about Run.exe

Run.exe is a little program that calls other program and then immediately closes itself. Tkabber-Pack uses it to call Wish (the Tcl/Tk interpreter) without having a command-line window open all the time.

It seems Run.exe was included in XEmacs, Cygwin/X, and Cygutils in the past, but is no longer included in any of those packages. You can see the run.c source file in XEmacs CVS. It was removed from XEmacs on Juny 2000 and was last included in XEmacs 21.2.34 (download source code)

So the warning you receive is real: Run.exe executes other program (Wish.exe from Tk). You already knew it. You can see the source code, compile it yourself and replace the stock Run.exe with your own.

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