Sound In Tkabber StarPack

Running tkabber-Starpack_0.9.7-Lin.bin on a Fedora-Core-3 system. Everything seems to be working fine but the sound. I can run /usr/bin/play with any .wav file I can find on the system. I have the following in my ~/.tkabber/config.tcl file:

set sound::options(sound) 1
set sound::options(mute) 0
set sound::options(mute_groupchat_delayed) 1
set sound::options(mute_chat_delayed) 0
set sound::options(external_play_program) /usr/bin/play

which all seems to be alright when I look at file/customize/sound within the application. However no sound is ever played. Like I said my system plays sound fine.

The only thing I thought was strange is in the customize sound section it lists

::sound::option(theme) as psi

and it aways says the it is changed but not saved. Maybe that is the problem or something else. But I'm not sure where to look? Where does StarPack put itself so I can see if I can pick a different theme?

Any help appreciated

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Sound from starkits.

Starkits (.kit files) are single-file virtual file systems. Tcl is able to view the contents of this virtual file system using the vfs packages. In tkabber on unix the sounds are played using an external application which has no knowlege of the virtual filesystem. Under Windows we use th e Snack Tcl sound extension instead. This is able to open the files in the virtual filesystem and play them.

I'm not certain, but there is a snack-lin.kit at Depending upong the starkit setup it may be that copying this file into the same directory as your starpack will cause it to be loaded and used. Or maybe not :)

We have another version you may try at but no guarantees. Sound does work under windows with this .kit provided you have the snack-win.kit. You also need the tls.kit in the same directory if you want SSL support.

How to run tkabber-starpack_0.9.8-linux-x86.bin?

OK, I have downloaded tkabber-starpack_0.9.8-linux-x86.bin

Now what?

When I type tkabber-starpack_0.9.8-linux-x86.bin at the command line and press enter, I get:

bash: tkabber-starpack_0.9.8-linux-x86.bin: command not found

I feel pretty dumb. Can anyone help?

Many thanks,


check permissions: x in Konqueror

So first I checked the exe permissions on the file in Konqueror.

The I decided to 'double click' the icon in Konqueror.

Lo and behold, I have Tkabber Starpack running now.

I feel even dumber... :-)

Wish I could DELETE some of my comments....

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