New Tkabber function: file transfer

One of the more demanded Jabber features for the last years has been file transfer. The set of required JEPs has taken a lot of time to be written, a lot of discussions and a lot of hard work from their writers and contributors, but they were finally approved by the Jabber Software Foundation Council around October 2003.

Tkabber first introduced file transfer support in july 2002, but on that time the JEPs were not approved by the JSF and it was hard to make a transference between different clients.

Now file transfer is a reality in Jabber, with some of the most important clients fully supporting it and more clients to come. Right now it's possible to do file transfers between Tkabber, Psi and Exodus at least. Hey, it's even possible to transfer 700 megs files!.

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How one can add JEP-compliant file transfer?

Is it possible to switch to such JEP-compliant way of file-transferring, when using Tkabber 0.9.6beta installed from .deb package?

Tkabber developers have added

Tkabber developers have added the new file transfer recently. It's available in the Tkabber CVS repository. So, if you don't want to wait until next version of Tkabber, you can get Tkabber from CVS and start using it now.

Don't forget that it may contain bugs. I've tested it and seems to work correctly.

You just have to download Tkabber from CVS and replace the old Tkabber with the new one.

Bugs in CVS-version

Yes, it does contain some bugs:

- resource browser seem to be broken ("Not implemented")
- it seems, that CVS-version doesn't understand some of the configuration options (somewhat different behaviour than the version taken from .deb package)

The two I discovered - so I had to return to that older version

- resource browser seem to be

- resource browser seem to be broken ("Not implemented")

If you refer to the icon on the toolbar that previously opened the 'Jabber Browser', you have to know that it now opens the 'Jabber Discovery'. You can open both Browser and Discovery in the menu 'Services'. Discovery will replace Browser on the future, but some servers do not implement Discovery, so when you click on the icon, it answers 'Not implemented': the Discovery is not implemented in your Jabber server.

- it seems, that CVS-version doesn't understand some of the configuration options (somewhat different behaviour than the version taken from .deb package)

Ok. Can you post here what options are not recognized now, so we can check them?

Thanks for your comments

Ah, so...

Yes, I thought, that "Service Discovery" is just a synonim for "Jabber Browser"... but perhaps the default action for the "JB" button should remain as "Jabber Browser"? Not everywhere one can use "Service Discovery"...

So, that's for the first "bug". ;)

For the second one (a bit longer description):

I was using "set usetabbar 0" setting, because I prefer to have on the desktop just narrow "roster", without large "tab window", when I don't need it at the moment. The earlier version allowed it only with such setting; it spoiled roster content (contact list) somewhat otherwise. The disadvantage was, that I couldn't use tabbed windows anymore; every new chat means that new window was open.

As I understand, from now tkabber is ignoring this setting - but I can still have narrow roster, with properly formed contact list - and I like it very much. :) The new behaviour is better, because I can have both roster in form which I prefer, and tabbed interface.

But there is one disadvantage (which can be solved easily): when I switch off the sound, tkabber doesn't notify about incoming call in any way - because neither sound can be played, nor new window will be open.

How it can be solved:

- when using tabbed interface and such "narrow sized" roster - tkabber could automatically resize narrow window, adding the tabbed chat content on the right side

- perhaps much easier solution will be flashing contact description; it should "blink" for let's say 5 sec. - and stop blinking, when any action is taken. If no action is taken (f.e. I'm off the desk) - it should remain with reversed colours - just to take my attraction, that there is a message waiting

Perhaps the best solution can be both of the above - maybe as separate options?

1) All contemporary (at least

1) All contemporary (at least all free) servers support Service Discovery. Jabber Browser becomes obsolete, so it's time to replace the toolbar button. (Moreover, three out of four authors use Jabber server, which does not support Jabber Browser.)

2) For disabling tabbed interface now you should set ::ifacetk::options(use_tabbar) to zero. It can be done via Customize window: Customize -> Main Interface -> ::ifacetk::options(use_tabbar).

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