New Tkabber website powered by Drupal

The new Tkabber website is powered by Drupal, a powerful CMS written in PHP, freely available and GPL distributed. The old website can still be found here.

Take a look at its features. The most interesting for site users are:

  • Collaborative Book - When someone writes a nice text, it can be easily added to the book. It also allows visitors to post comments, so it can be easily debugged and corrected, to get an almost error-free text.
  • Open source - If you like your Drupal experience on this site, you can install it on your own website.
  • Searching - There is a searching engine that can find anything available on the site.
  • Site cloud - Right now we use the site cloud to keep track of latest Tkabber and Ejabberd CVS changes.
  • User authentication - You can create a new account here, or use another account you have on other Drupal site, or even use your Jabber account to login (more on this explained later).
  • Polls - We can have posts, and they allow user comments.
  • Threaded comments - All the Drupal pages allow user comments, so if you find an error or typo you can post your comment right there so a moderator can update the page.
  • Content syndication - All pages are syndicated, also the news page. You can add this site news to your own webpage, or even use bots like JabRSS to receive the news on your Jabber client.
  • News aggregator - This site can show other sites news. For example, news.
  • Multi-language - Even Drupal allows multi-language for the messages it shows, we currently have not yet installed it. We will support it in the future.
  • Discussion forums - Drupal has an embedded forum system, so there is no need to create another account to post on the forums.

Regarding the user authentication: this site allows visitors to create an account, so they can post commments, have a profile with interesting information (GPG public key for example), customize things like the GMT time, be able to post on its own blog... Drupal allows you to authenticate on different places:

  • on this site. You just need to create a new account here.
  • on other Drupal site. If you are currently registered on other Drupal site, for example, then you have a Drupal ID similar to You can login here with your DrupalID and remote password. This site will create an account for you, but the authentication will always be done on the remote site.
  • on a Jabber server. You can login here with your Jabber account, similar to This site will create a new account for you, and the authentication will always be done on the Jabber server.

If you use a remote authentication system, when you change your password on the remote site it will also change here, of course.

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