i've been trying to get tkabber up and running with gpg encryption. Decrypting and Signing messages works fine but i can't get the encrypting to other users to work. Maybe i've been missing something, but i couldn't even find an option for assigning a gpg-key from my keyring to a user in my roster.

In centericq it works flawlessly, so i am at loss concerning this. Anyone able to help? Or does encryption only work between two people who are both using tkabber?
By the way: Currently in centericq encrypted communication between Gajim and centericq is working fine, so it should be possible theoretically...

Just to clarify the problem: When i click on the 'lock' symbol in tkabber and then try to send a message it says : "Unable to encipher data for xxx@yxc/Gajim: Invalid Recipients. Encrypting traffic to this user is now disabled. Send it as PLAINTEXT?"

I am out of ideas and would appreciate any help.


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