my modification - tkabber-0.9.9-sk

I'm making my own modification of source tkabber 0.9.9 called tkabber-0.9.9-sk (original, yea?)... postfix -sk doesn't mean any langauge but shortcut from Skaarj (players will know...)
What is changed?
-autoaway extension (shows time when become away and last textstatus)
-both chats and conferences (groupchat and muc) now show any changes of users' status (not only joining/leaving as of muc)
-added 'Jabber Browser' into toolbar (usefull for me)
-added back ability to become invisible (to be legacy with older servers)

Diff file that has to be applied on tkabber and maybe some screenshots, can be found here
I'm still working at it, so if you find bugs/problems, please tell

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