New Tkabber 0.9.7

There is a new Tkabber release, 0.9.7. The highlights are:

  • Updated support for file transfer (JEP-0095, JEP-0096, JEP-0047, JEP-0065)
  • Support for colored nicks and messages in conference
  • Better multiple logins support
  • Updated support for xml:lang
  • Support for IDNA (RFC3490)
  • Many fixes and enhancements

You can:

  • download the source package from JabberStudio
  • get it from your package distribution system (apt, emerge, yast...) when they are updated
  • update from CVS
  • get a Tkabber-Starpack

if you cannot install files or dependencies, or simply want to try Tkabber for the first time

  • on Microsoft Windows, you may prefer to get the Tkabber-Pack installer.
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