How to make roster collapsable?

Hi eb!
I try customize Tkabber for LAN usage.
I want make roster collapsable by one click. It should be seem like this: User click special button( or dbl-click on the splitter's square maybe ) roster's width changes to 0. And when user do same action, roster's width restore.

I need plugin or patch. Or describe how make it. I'm beginner in TCL/TK and want learn this.

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Re: How to make roster collapsable?

It can be collapsed by hitting Ctrl-r. In fact this keystroke is bound to a "Tk virtual event" called <<CollapseRoster>> so you can programmatically do the same thing with

event generate . <<CollapseRoster>>

which can be easily bound to, say, a custom toolbar button.

Thank you! It works.

Thank you! It works.

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