Feature wishlist

Here is small wishlist of features that would be nice in some future version of Tkabber

* Option to ignore system tray notifications from some MUC rooms.

* More distinction between the two grey systray icons for MUC events in default theme (other is light gray and the other is gray).

* Better chat state visualization and support. For example chat states could affect the color of the text in tab (green writing, blue paused, gray not inactive etc.). Also chat states seem to vanish too quite fast, so if some one is gone, inactive or paused writing it last like a half of a second. It would be nice if the state would last as long as it relevant (for example gone as long as the other party is gone... :))

* Better support for avatars. Maybe avatars in tooltips when hoovering over nick. This avatar in chat window patch would also be nice: http://blogs.ya.com/leandro/200604.htm#67 . (and option to ignore avatars as some people don't seem to like them).

* Visualization for user text status messages, maybe the status text behind the nick in parenthesis or something like that.

Besides those minor wishlist features Tkabber seems quite nice :)

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