AIM and tkabber?

I am using Tkabber as my primary jabber client most of time and it works fine. But one thing forces me to switch to Psi sometimes - when I need to chat with my AIM firends.

I have tried to add my AIM account on different jabber servers. Also I have tried to add it from both Psi and Tkabber. Either way the result is the same: Psi can login me to my AIM account using an AIM gateway, but Tkabber cannot. In all situations when Psi would login successfully, Tkabber just gets "unavailable" from the same AIM gateway on the same jabber server as Psi just used with no problem.

Is it a general problem with Tkabber and it is not compatible with AIM/AOL?

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try to log in manually

It seems Tkabber does not login you automatically to the transport when you login on the Jabber account. I remember that older versions of PyICQt/PyAIMt had a bug that prevented Tkabber (and other clients, probably) from logging in the transport automatically.

You can still try this: show all offline contacts, search your transport on your roster, click on it with secondary mouse button, and then 'Log in'

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